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We proudly promote ourselves as being YOUR external Accounts department, which means that we will always have YOUR best interests at heart.

We are NOT in business as retailers of hardware or software, although we can, of course, source and provide either if asked, nor are we connected with any such retailers, local or national but do recommend SAGE.

Please contact us if you have a fiscal requirement which we have not specifically covered, or to talk about a problem you already have.

Finance Solutions
At DITI we have over a decade of experience providing a broad range of solutions for clients; tailoring the way in which we interact with the client dependant upon the size of business.

SME's (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) face unique issues in making ICT decisions when compared with larger corporates. By recognise this by uniquely positioning ourselves as an 'outsourced ACCOUNTS Department', ibbd provide a quality 'advice led' service where, typically, it may not be possible to justify the employment of a full time IT Manager.

Larger organisations use our services to supplement their own resources for specialist tasks/projects, during busy periods of to cover annual leave of key personell

Whatever size of client, we pride ourselves on providing a quality, objective 'advice led' service to ensure that our clients receive the necessary advise required to make the right informed decisions; ensuring that your investment is made to achieve competitive advantage.



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